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Swimbis by Simbi (set of 2)

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These beautifully handcrafted scrunchies for thick curly hair are made from Earth-friendly swim fabric, which showcases them as more than just a fashion statement. Keeping sustainability at heart, these Swimbis are crafted with environmentally friendly practices. Every Swimbi represents the millions of gallons of clean water that was saved during the manufacturing process. The purchase of each Swimbi will also remind you of the jobs provided to Haitian artisans in need.

As an ethical and sustainable process, forming the scrunchies includes a hand-sewn process from up-cycled t-shirt scraps. In this way, each Swimbi is unique and shares a story of a Haiti artist who made it from scratch. The material is hand-painted and hand-tie dyed, which makes each Swimbi different from the others.Ā 

The mother earth-loving prints are made of quick-dry swim fabric, which avoids friction on hair to avoid damage. The fabric will easily slip out of the wet hair with a smooth flow to leave your hair healthier and stronger than ever.Ā 

The Swimbis is swimwear for hair. These scrunchies for curly hair come in beautiful colors. The aesthetics are chosen based on the latest trends to pull off a classy pool or beachside look. Wearing a Swimbi simply feels good as it symbolizes that you are doing good to the planet.Ā 

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How to use it

The Swimbis by Simbi is easy to carry around pools and beaches. You can follow a few simple steps to use Swimbis.

Step 1

Part your hair in the middle or side as you like to style your hair, and try to gather all the hair in your hand

Step 2

Tie your hair with the Swimbis and try not to tie it too tightly to avoid disturbing your beautiful curls

Step 3

You can smoothly remove the Swimbis by pulling them down through your hair, and you will notice the Swimbi sliding through the hair without any damage.


  • Best scrunchies for curly hair due to environment-friendly fabric
  • Tie up the curly hair without disturbing the bouncy curlsĀ 
  • Avoids friction on hair to avoid damage
  • Suitable for all curly hair types



Hand-sewn from up-cycled t-shirts scraps



Do not tie your hair too tight to avoid disturbing your curls

Use the Controlled Chaos Curl Revival Trio before using Swimbis to sustain the perfect bouncy curls



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