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When you subscribe to our new Auto-ship plans, your select products are delivered to your doorstep on schedule, with free shipping* on every order, and up to 40% off the regular prices paid by everyone else.

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No more forgetting

No more forgetting.
You don’t have to remember

Call us crazy but we think shopping for your curly hair needs should be the easiest task on your list. In fact, we’d like to make it one less thing to remember to do.

How Auto-ship works

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What hair goals are you looking to crush long-term? For as low as $21/month, get your favorite hair products delivered to your doorstep.

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With intervals as long as 3 months, you decide how often you want your products sent.

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5 star

For where I am in my life with work and having a toddler, honestly, there's just so much stuff to remember. Having these products show up without me having to remember helps my life, tremendously.

Jenn Specketer

5 star

I’ve loved that I don't have to go out especially during COVID time. So it's just more convenient for me. It's amazing.

Toni Amanda Stefano

5 star

Being on a subscription plan has made my hair care easier. I don't have to worry about running out and then having to go to the store. I feel like the subscription just keeps me steady.


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No product pile-up or shortages

With a few clicks on your dashboard, you can add or remove products from your basket, pause your shipments, or send them to friends as gifts.

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Easy to manage

Change your mind about how often your products should be delivered? Easy! Just use your dashboard.

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If you ever encounter any snags, our awesome customer support team is always one email away.

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Why should you switch from one-off buying to auto-ship?

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Because you can get a new head of curls in 6 months

Yes, you should stick to one set of products for a longer period. It’s not crazy talk. The short reason is that it takes long-term, uninterrupted use to continue the repair process needed for fixing hair damage, and for a huge improvement in volume, softness, and texture. What is the long reason?

Tons of benefits, with zero hassles

  • Over 40% off regular prices.
  • Free shipping in the US & Canada on every order.
  • Discounts are delivered to your email to try out other products.
  • Discounts and coupons for early access to new product releases.
  • Occasional free samples and gifts with your shipments.
  • Curl-specific content so you’re always up-to-date on the latest curly trends.
  • You officially become a member of the Founder’s curl clique.
Switch to Auto-ship

No more bad hair days

Say goodbye to running out of products. No more resorting to less preferable brands while you wait. An auto-ship subscription secures your access to frizz-free healthy curls, all year long


Our argument for long-term product use

The most common objection we get from our customers about using the same set of products long-term is that the products seem to work for a while, and then stop working.

But in our experience, this is only true for water-soluble products which can build up on your hair.

We created 3 products that work hand in hand to fix hair damage that has already happened, and to prevent any future damage by treating your curls as gently as possible as they grow in.

Continuing to use this long-term will improve strength, prevent breakage, especially from detangling because these products help to close the outer layer (cuticle) of the hair.

Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, so you should notice a huge improvement in softness and texture of new hair growth after 4-6 months . Ideally, the new healthy growth gains length while the damaged / drier ends are repaired and they meet in the middle to form a more even texture all over.

We have many customers that have been using Controlled Chaos for over a decade and are still getting the best curls ever, every day. If for some reason you did feel you wanted to switch, there is no commitment. You can cancel anytime.

Oh, and did we mention free shipping and up to 40% off?