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Bundle for 2A & 2B & 2C

Tired of flat shapeless hair? If you have 2A, 2B, or 2C type of curls, your number one ‘enemy’ is humidity and of course dryness. The more you moisturize your curls, the more defined they will be.

We’re introducing two awesome moisturizers infused with Organic Jojoba Oil, Cocoa, Rosemary, Leaf Extract, Flower Extract, Green Tea, and many other awesome ingredients created to revive your natural curls. Included in this special bundle for your curl type, you’ll find our incredible Cleanser created with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Copolymer that enhances volume without triggering frizz, Cetrimonium Chloride that helps prevent static and build-up in the hair, and many other key ingredients that will support your journey towards gorgeous curls every single day. Your hair will be fluffy, not frizzy and you’ll enjoy perfect definition without the heaviness!
Being a curly hair product junkie, I was totally skeptical. My hair is long, fine, and curly and products tug it down or make it greasy. But all it took was trying this one time to convert me. It's light, doesn't weigh hair down at all, and creates these stupendous CURLS! And all I had to use was a tiny little bit of it to see results. I loved it so much, I immediately bought the cleanser and moisturizer, and I love them, too.
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Use the Moisturizer to strengthen weak hair, repair split ends, and equalize porosity. This pH-balanced formula also protects color-treated hair.

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After cleansing your scalp with the Cleanser.

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Apply moisturizer directly to wet hair, working from the ends up; avoid the root area.

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Gently squeeze excess water from the hair with a towel. Apply moisturizer directly to your hair, working from the ends up.

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