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Kassandra Hazelhurst

I was really impressed with the Curl Crème. The scent is pleasant and the texture is a great mix of a jelly and creamy-like texture. The hold it left on my curls was shiny and soft and my wash-n-go lasted quite a while! I would definitely recommend it to any friend looking to simplify their wash day routine. Also, the pick is aesthetically pleasing and functionally works great! I love how long the prongs are, they make adding volume to my fro a breeze!


Pamela Schwander

I’m just loving the Curl Crème, it’s creamy and the hold is so fantastic!! It’s definitely an all-in-one product and it has a medium to hard hold on my long heavy curls! ✨🧖🏼‍♀️✨


Brianda Gonzalez

It is AMAZING, especially when using it to refresh my curls, and the results were long-lasting!


Tamara Lowery

You know how fragile 4C curls are, and just how much they can shrink. Well, you’d be surprised that her curls now are looking fresh and fabulous thanks to Controlled Chaos. When we say that we’re perfect for every curl, we mean it.


Tynish Flowers

In the past she used products that were not giving her the results she deserved. And she grew frustrated that her friends happened to have perfect curls no matter what they did. One day, she saw Controlled Chaos in the Modern Salon and decided: ‘I have to try this’. And that’s how she fell in love.


Shirley Michelle

Controlled Chaos Curl Cream helps define your curls and fights frizz very well as a one step styler. For best results, make sure to apply generously to soaking wet hair. I like to apply this while I’m still in the shower to ensure it’s fully soaked. I flip my head upside down and apply the products by smoothing onto each section and then I rake it through with my fingers. Then, I use a brush to form large, juicy clumps. Afterwards, I scrunch to remove excess water/product. Then, I use a microfiber towel to scrunch again and then plop my hair for about 20 minutes. This will help add some root volume as well as definition. Finally, I let it air dry until it’s about 80% dry and then I diffuse. My hair feels very bouncy and soft without having to use a ton of products.


Aleia Scott

Finding the right curly hair routine is like being in Spain, but without the S. HAHAHA, got it? Spain, Pain? We’re just so funny sometimes. Back to Aleia, she was struggling to find the right cleanser to remove her buildup, and she always struggled with knots and frizz. Well guess what, we’ve helped her with that ;)

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