Internatonal Chaos

Hello, lovely Curlies!
So much has been going on with Controlled Chaos since our international debut on Shark Tank, is there ever such a thing as too much good? No, no there is not.

Thanks to the magic of the internet and Shark Tank, Controlled Chaos is now an internationally recognized brand. We have quadrupled our sales, due in no small part to the fact that Controlled Chaos went from a few thousand followers to over 160,000 followers on social media (Instalove allllll around).

That’s yuge, Curlies! Bigly, I believe, is the official term for it.

We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you, and we are grateful for your continued support. Sharing is caring, so please keep sharing your beautiful curly pictures with us with the #bestcurlsever and #controlledchaos hashtags!


Having curly hair and needing a cut are often synonymous with existential dread. Our hair is finicky — it is wild — it cannot be contained by the same techniques used on our brothers and sisters with straight, sleek, simple hair!

But here at Controlled Chaos, we have all of your curly hair needs covered — and I do mean all of them — right down to perfecting the best cutting technique for our fellow Curlies. We are pleased to announce that Controlled Chaos is the first and only company to provide training as well as certification on our cutting technique.

If you're a salon owner or hairstylist and would like to become certified in the Controlled Chaos Haircut, please drop us a line at!


The impact Hurricane Maria had on Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands was, and continues to be, devastating. The aftermath of the storm, the loss of life and way-of-life seems to be a never-ending deluge of bad-to-worse news.

It is with this in our minds and hearts that we are thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new studio in Puerto Rico! Any little bit can help, and we hope creating new business on the island will help not just economically, but also to help raise hearts as well.

Check back for updates on our new studio!


Is it Christmas yet? No? Are you sure? I have so many gifts in my bag …

Controlled Chaos is on the cusp of releasing a plethora of new products, all designed to make the job of caring for curly hair even easier (as if our Curl Creme didn’t already make it easy enough!).

In the coming year, we are set to launch Controlled Chaos brand:

  • Comb design
  • Flairosol bottle
  • Shampoo bar

And, if that wasn’t great enough news, we are also currently researching hair vitamins formulations specifically designed for the health and care of curly hair.

Want personalized curl styling advice and product recommendations? Take our curl quiz here.