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Our Mission

Making curl cuties easily embrace their curls. Our mission is to make curl care simple and accessible for all by offering exceptional quality hair products for curly-haired families worldwide. We want to empower individuals to love and embrace their natural curls while also being conscious of our impact on the environment through our sustainable efforts.



We aim to establish ourselves as a top hair care provider by utilising natural ingredients suitable for all curl types. Our products have gained recognition from professional stylists and consumers alike, who understand that caring for curls can be uncomplicated while prioritising hair health.


Core Values



Passion drives the exciting journey of Controlled Chaos. We believe that passion is the key element in the success of any product or brand. Our team is dedicated to understanding the needs and concerns of our customers, their culture and traditions, and ultimately creating superior quality products while also supporting a sustainable future for our community.


Doing what is right

At Controlled Chaos, we never compromise on the quality of ingredients used in our products. Every formula is rigorously tested for performance, safety, and effectiveness to guarantee the best results for your natural curls. We always make ethical and responsible choices in our product development.



The pursuit of beauty is never-ending, and innovation is the driving force behind success. Many factors can affect your daily hair care routine, including hair texture, porosity, DNA, seasonal changes, and more. Our commitment to innovation allows us to guide you through every stage of your hair care journey. Our goal is to develop innovative and highly effective products that cater to the unique needs of curly-haired individuals.


To instill confidence

Our products empower individuals, particularly young girls and women who struggle with their hair, to feel confident and beautiful. We aim to surpass your expectations and help you fall in love with your curls. We want you to be able to focus on what truly matters in your life without worrying about your hair by using Controlled Chaos products.


Becoming a sustainable business

Creating a sustainable future for future generations is a responsibility that every business should take seriously. At Controlled Chaos, we are committed to the same belief. We take environmental considerations into account in every business decision, from production to consumer delivery, in order to minimize our impact on the planet.


For everyone

Diversity is at the heart of our business. We believe that the perspectives and experiences of a diverse group of people allow us to create better solutions and become a stronger brand. At Controlled Chaos, our products cater to all types of curls - wavy, coily, or curly. We value your input and respect your individuality.

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