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Where are your products made? All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

What is the scent of Controlled Chaos Curl Crème? Curl Crème contains botanical extracts of violet and lavender, which together form a powerful "love sachet."

Do I need to use a shine serum or spray with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème? Curl Crème's pH-balanced formula equalizes your hair's porosity to provide amazing shine. Define your curls, control frizz and add unbelievable shine all with just Curl Crème!

I don't shampoo every day, can I restyle my hair with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème? Curl Crème has revolutionized product memory! Curls are hydrated and healthy and hold their shape like never before. Curl Crème is completely water soluble, just lightly mist your hair with water to reactivate its styling powers and revive your curls.

How much Controlled Chaos Curl Crème do I need to use? A little goes a long way. For most hair types, use 1 to 2 pumps. The healing formula actually mends hair's damage allowing you to need less product the longer you use it.

Can Controlled Chaos Curl Crème be used for all types of curly hair? It is formulated for all curl types and all hair types. It's even formulated for all types of weather! Dryer or coarser hair types, use 1 to 2 pumps. Finer hair types use a ½ pump to 1 pump. On rainy or humid days, just use a little more!

Do I need to use a heat protectant? All of our products are formulated with natural heat and UV protectants.

Are they safe for color treated hair? All of our products are pH-balanced for optimum color protection.

Should I let my hair air dry or blow dry with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème? Allow hair to air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. Apply 1-2 pumps (about ½ a pump for fine hair) to clean, wet hair, starting at the ends. Work upward, concentrating on problem areas. Apply very little at the root. Separate curls into sections and twist. Air dry, or blow dry using a diffuser to remove about 80% of moisture and always finish with cool air. Do not disturb curls until completely dry.

Where can I buy Controlled Chaos? You can purchase our products at www.controlledchaoshair.com or select salons throughout the United States.

Why is Curl Crème "vegan approved" and not vegan? All of our products are vegan except for the Curl Crème—it just wouldn't work without lanolin. Our Matte Paste contains beeswax, so we call that "vegetarian." We do source the lanolin from a no-kill sheep farm where they are humanely shorn (and these sheep are NOT used for meat!). If sheep are not shorn, it's actually very bad for them! Curl Crème can not be considered vegan because it contains an animal by-product—but we responsibly source our lanolin from the happiest sheep on the planet because it's integral to our product. Some super strict vegans still oppose this and some consider this "vegan approved." The product is so incredible—if you are okay with "vegan approved" we know your curls will love the Curl Crème!