The day I realized frizz is FAKE

Did you know that frizz ain’t real??


Yep…it’s not a real thing. Whenever I have someone look at my curls and say, “Oh, I wish I could get my hair to look like yours…but mine just frizzes,” I stop them in their verbal tracks. Anyone who says their hair is “just frizzy” simply hasn’t learned to give their curls what they need!


I guess I can’t totally blame them…after all, when I was in high school, I thought I was stuck with a head of crazy poof as well. I knew jack diddly about what to do with my curls. (Who else can relate?) So instead of succumbing to what “they” say about curls—which is to straighten them or chop them all off—I set out to learn anything and everything about curls and how to treat them.


You’ll never guess what I learned. Not only could I calm down my massive poof, I could get rid of the frizz as well! That’s because…ALL FRIZZ IS ACTUALLY CURL. You just have to know what to do with it. That’s why I say frizz isn’t a thing—it’s just pissed-off curls.


Just in case you’re not tracking with me, what happens when you straighten your hair and you find yourself in humidity, rain, or a sauna? Time’s up! It frizzes. That’s because it’s trying to curl! It’s reaching out for that moisture in the air because that’s what it wants in order to curl. So if your hair is “frizzing,” it’s dehydrated curls and it’s mad.


The main thing you need to do to get rid of that so-called frizz is to moisturize your curls. That’s it! So simple, yet so brilliant. That’s why I say frizz is just pissed-off curls…and like a neglected plant, all they need is some hydration to make them happy.



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