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Why is the curly girl method not working?

If you’re familiar with the Curly Girl (CG) method, you know the basic principles—that you don’t wash your hair with standard sulfate shampoos but wash with conditioner, apply p...
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The Best Hair in History is Straight—Thanks For Nothing, Hollywood!

Have you noticed that all the notoriously famous people in Hollywood have straight hair? Think about popular celebrity hairstyles over the past few decades. From the well-known...
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Lessons from the Genghis Khan Academy of Hair

Remember Genghis Khan from history class? You know, the 12th century Mongolian warlord who burned and pillaged his way through Eurasia? He wanted to conquer all the tribes and b...
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The Controlled Chaos Haircut

AS SEEN ON ABC'S "SHARK TANK" Are you a hairstylist? Sign up to learn the Controlled Chaos Haircut:! The Controlled Chaos Haircut is a precision c...
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Internatonal Chaos

Hello, lovely Curlies! So much has been going on with Controlled Chaos since our international debut on Shark Tank, is there ever such a thing as too much good? No, no there is...
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The Silicone Myths and Misconceptions You Must Know

You may have heard some blanket statements in recent years about silicones in hair products being the devil, especially for curly hair. Many curly experts say “Avoid them at all...
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