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Scrunchies by Simbi (set of 2)

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The uniquely designed bracelet hair ties symbolize sustainability due to its Earth-friendly swim fabric. Forming these Simbi hair ties saves millions of gallons of clean water. These Simbi Scrunchies are made by Haiti artisans with a rich history of handcrafted product manufacturing. Every Simbi bracelets also represent the job provided to a Haitian artisan with a unique skill at hand.Ā 

The ethical practice goes a long way due to its environmental friendliness as it is hand sewn from up-cycled t-shirt scraps. In addition, the Haiti artists forming these scrunchies from scratch add a unique touch to each one of them. These artists hand paint and hand tie dye the scrunchies, which makes them different from one another.Ā 

These scrunchies will remind you of a gentle touch as it avoids friction on hair that could sometimes be the cause of hair damage. The set of 2 scrunchies with colors black and blue would look amazing together with wonderful aesthetic appeal for your curly look. Using these Scrunchies by Simbi in your hair helps tie them without damaging your curls.

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How to use it

The Scrunchies by Simbi can be used for the perfect hair look around pools and beaches, at work, going out on a regular day, or even just staying at home! The simple steps to tying your hair with these Mother Earth Friendly scrunchies include:

Step 1

Parting your hair in the middle or side based on your desired hairstyle.

Step 2

Gathering all of your hair in your hand that you want to tie up with the scrunchies

Step 3

Tying your hair with the Scrunchies without disturbing your bouncy curls. It requires gentle handling of your hair.

Step 4

Shake your curls in the ponytail to give a fluffy hair look


  • Simbi Haiti bracelet is used as a hair tieĀ 
  • Environment-friendly fabric with hand-sewn material upcycled from t-shirt scraps.
  • Tie up the hair without disturbing the bouncy curlsĀ 
  • Avoids friction on hair to avoid damage
  • Suitable for all curly hair types

Product Ingredients

Hand-sewn from up-cycled t-shirts scraps

Ā ProĀ Tips

  • Avoid tying up the hair too tight to avoid disturbing your perfect and bouncy curls.
  • Before using scrunchies, use the Controlled Chaos Curl Revival Trio to encourage the formation of the perfect bouncy curls for a beach or pool look
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