DIY Co-Wash Rescue & Repair

How to get your hair to grow back after hair loss from co-washing. 

If you have two eyes and access to a news feed, you’ve probably read some whisperings over recent backlash against curly hair care products. Users claimed to have experienced hair damage and even hair loss from long-term use of certain curl-specific brands. We’re here to set your minds at ease. In my 20+ years of experience specializing with curls, I have found that this is NOT PERMANENT, and I want to help you grow your hair back and keep it healthy long-term.

Co-Washing is NOT a solution to healthy hair.

Co-washing is exactly what it sounds like: washing your hair with just conditioner. It had a moment in the spotlight as the next big thing in low-maintenance hair care, but can actually have adverse effects in the long run. It’s important to remove dirt and oils from your skin. Your scalp is skin, so you need to CLEANSE it with a gentle, sulfate free product which contains a surfactant (a.k.a soap). If you’re not removing the dirt, you’re allowing it to build up and clog follicles, which can lead to breakouts and hair loss.  I mean, you wouldn’t skip the shower and just spray perfume on your body for years, would you? If you co-wash, that’s what you’re doing to your scalp-YUCK! 

Scalp health is legit

We invest our money in all sorts of ways to better our skin: facial oils, night creams, wrinkle-reducers -- the list goes on and on. But what we don’t seem to understand is: 

YOUR SCALP IS SKIN TOO! The skin our hair is rooted in is going to be the catalyst for healthy hair growth. To maintain a proper landscape for luscious, desirable hair, we must tend to the garden with a kind and gentle approach. This means massaging the scalp regularly to promote circulation to the hair follicles, which stimulates blood flow to the hair cells.  Brushing your scalp with a boar bristle brush as often as possible will loosen up and help to clear away any excess buildup, and it will carry your own natural oils down the hair strands, which is the best conditioner of all! Guess what? Healthy scalp = healthy hair. (Duh).

Cleaning is NOT the enemy

Here’s a scenario: You eat off of a plate. You rinse that plate with just water and stick it back in your cabinet. Are you cringing yet? You should be! Sometimes we underestimate the importance of properly washing with --news flash! -- soap! It is necessary to wash hair thoroughly and regularly with shampoo to remove excess dirt and oil from the follicles. If hair goes unwashed, the follicle is blocked and cannot regrow new and healthy hair. Get this: We lose 200 hairs a day! Naturally! That means we need to clear (and clean) the way for 200 new strands to take their place.

D.I.Y. solutions are there for you!

Yep, just like in 3rd grade science class: a mixture of baking soda and vinegar may just do the trick to remedy your damaged hair dilemma. First, mix together 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water to form a paste. Then, scrub the paste into your scalp. Last, rinse out with vinegar. Yup, it’s that easy. It’s even easier if you mix the two together first, and use that paste, like in the video here. Be prepared for bubbles when mixing! If you wanna get scientifical, baking soda has a high pH level. Vinegar has a low pH level. The baking soda works as an exfoliant on the scalp, scrubbing away harmful buildup that may be blocking the follicle from growing healthily. The vinegar then restores the pH balance, preventing bacteria and fungal growth. Because vinegar is naturally anti-inflammatory, it may be your best bet in aiding in dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss. Give this easy trick a try. You might be surprised by the results. (Fake glasses optional.)

If you have a sensitive scalp, you can try a clarifying mask that can be found in the skin care aisle. Clay works really well to draw out impurities, so I like to use a clay mask on clients with sensitive scalps and breakouts. We love Dr. Haushka clay mask mixed with their clarifying toner for hair and skin- but not too often! 

So there you have it. 

The skinny on scalp and hair health is certainly trending atm and the conversation isn’t exactly sparkling with positivity. Don’t fret! I pride myself on educating you. I want the best for you and your hair. I am here to bring to light the problems we’re facing with proper and improper use of certain brands, products, methods and routines. 

Trust me, I know hair. After all, it’s kind of my thing.

If you want to clean your curls the right way try out our ultra gentle Curl Cleanser. It is a super mild cleanser designed specifically for curly hair. It will not strip your hair of it's natural oils.