Does Your Hair Hate You?

Some days it’s your best friend, attracting compliments and jealous stares...others, the frizz is so bad you consider *gasp* getting it chemically straightened.


But did you know that frizz is almost totally avoidable?


Yep, with just a few hacks, you can pretty much have the frizz-free life you crave. That doesn’t mean you will have perfect hair 24/7, 365; I mean, let’s be realistic. No one has that. Not even Jennifer Aniston, despite what everyone thinks. But you can certainly gain control over frizz to the point that it will become a non-factor.


You know why that is? Because frizz, if you don’t know, is just hair trying to curl! So for those who say you “have frizzy hair,” keep reading, because it’s really not the state of your hair that makes you think that—it’s what you do (or don’t do) to it!


Let’s look at some curly hair rules that’ll help you get rid of frizz for good.


1. Only brush your hair before wash day. The only time you want to brush your hair is before you wash, preferably the night before, and only with a boar bristle brush. Otherwise, no touchie the brushie. This is not for looks or detangling; it’s to spread the natural oils from your scalp down the hair to moisturize. If you need to detangle, use a wide-toothed comb in the shower when your conditioner is on. It forms a protective barrier that helps avoid breakage, and your curls turn out better!

2. No touching hair as it dries. When you touch your hair in the middle of the drying process, it promotes frizz. Let it dry all the way, and then (and only then!) scrunch, fluff, or lift. Voila—no frizz!

3. Use the right products. And by “the right products,” we mean Controlled Chaos. ;) But seriously, it makes a gigantic difference. Sulfate-free cleanser, hydrating conditioner, and Controlled Chaos Curl Crème = the recipe for frizz-free curls.

4. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Not only does silk protect your precious waves, corkscrews, or ringlets, it doesn’t leach moisture out of your hair like other fabrics do. Invest in a silk pillowcase and you’ll cut down on frizz, tangles, and dryness.

5. Spritz with water for frizzy areas. If you get some areas with slight frizz or curl separation on second-day hair, just spray lightly with water. This will reactivate the product and re-form the so-called frizz into a curl. Just be sure to scrunch when you spritz and don’t rake your fingers through your hair!

6. Pineapple your hair overnight. If you aren’t familiar with pineappling your curls, it’s time you discovered it. Pineappling is the most effective way to preserve your curls for great second-day hair, not to mention they stay out of your face. Using a fabric scrunchie, flip your head over and pineapple close to your front hairline. Even if it slips around a bit on that silk pillowcase while you snooze, you’ll find you wake up with more intact, frizz-free curls.

7. Be sure to use no-crease hair ties. Don’t even go for those typical hair ties that all the straight-haired girls use, because they can wreck your curls, cause breakage, and foster frizz. Go for the gentler ones that won’t make your curls go wacko.

8. Keep it curly! Try not to blow out or straighten your hair. Even one instance of smoothing out those curls can take 5–6 washes to recover from! Think about it: for the next several washes, those curls are confused! “Do you want us to be straight, or do you want us to be curly? Or somewhere in between?” The poor things have an identity crisis, which means—you guessed it—they frizz! It’s just not worth it on so many levels. So do your curls a favor and let them be who they are.


So there you have it—a mini-guide to keeping your curls and your life virtually frizz-free. And never forget the importance of proper hydration, because those curls need it more than a runner on a hot day. In the desert. Miles from home. You get the picture.


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