The Hidden Benefits of Being Bullied

Pretty much everyone has been bullied at some time in their lives—it’s not just me, right???


I’m sure each person has a different story, but for those of us with curls, our stories might sound similar. Raise your hand if you were ever made fun of for having frizz, “brillo pad” hair, “big” or “poofy” hair…the list could go on (no exaggeration…the 80s were rough on me)!


But it’s what you do with it that counts! Do you crawl into the shell of your straight-haired persona, throw on a hat, buy a wig, shave your head (hey, I have been there too!) …or do you decide to rise above and show the world that curls can be beautiful?


For me, my experience of being curl shamed mercilessly (it’s a thing!) drove me to become a hairstylist first and foremost. But that wasn’t enough! Since then, I opened my own salon, created my own product line, and even appeared on Shark Tank.


Now, I’m having a blast getting to help people learn to love their curls—all day every day. My salon is now a three-story curl mecca that includes a juice bar and a yoga studio, and it’s a haven for anyone who’s ever been shamed for their curls. If you visit my salon, you’re not only welcomed—you’re included, encouraged, and made to feel beautiful!


Let’s face it…you have those curls on your head for a reason. Curly hair has its own personality, and no doubt you have a personality to match. You’ll no longer feel the need to hide behind the façade of straight hair in order to fit in. (And I’ll let you in on a little secret…those who perpetrated the curl shaming were jealous deep down! They only wish their hair would curl on its own. Seriously…they have to work hard to get this!)


When your curls are allowed to be free, you feel freer as well. Curls are sassy, spunky, and vivacious, and Controlled Chaos Curl Crème can help your curls—and you—be the best version of themselves. Let’s show those bullies who’s having fun now!


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