How to Wash Curly Hair

In today’s article, we’re teaching you how to wash curly hair. The proper way.

Let’s get started!

1. Refresh, Revive & Define in 3 easy steps!

To properly wash curly hair, switch your boring shampoo with a cleanser that is sulfate-free and gently cleanses the scalp without stripping the natural oils. After you’re done with cleansing and moisturizing, apply a product that eliminates frizz, strengthens and defines your curls.

Can’t find anything like this on the market yet? We’ve got you covered with the CURL REVIVE TRIO ;) It’s honestly the best gift you can make to your curls this season.

2. Swap the damaging fluffy towel with a Peach ched-Skin Tie & Dry Curl Defining Cape

An important step when you wash curly hair is to ditch the evil fluffy towel that makes your curls break (yikes!). It’s time for you to step it up this season. Instead, use a towel made out of peach skin fabric that won't snag curls. The Controlled Chaos Tie & Dry Curl Defining Cape is water-resistant, helps keep clothes dry, and will beautifully air dry your curls while you finish your morning routine..

3. Upgrade to the BEST. BRUSH. EVER

But the secret to beautiful curls doesn’t only link to washing curly hair. Come over to the BEST side of brushes and throw away that old, washed up brush you’ve had since highschool. The Controlled Chaos Hair Brush has been specifically designed for all types of curls with 30% longer and 30% more natural boar bristles which detangle hair with less breakage help to distribute natural oils (the BEST conditioner) more evenly, resulting in longer, healthier, stronger hair with less breakage brush and wash days. You’ll fall in love with it because it’s honestly theBest. Brush. Ever. best brush you’ll ever try.

4. Plan your washdays

We get it. You’re a busy bee. That’s why our curl creme is formulated to banish frizz, and products will make your curls last longer. Plan your washdays ahead of time and always look fabulous - remember to follow our tips when you wash your curly hair.

5. Have perfectly cut curls

If you’re already a hair stylist and want to know your way around perfectly cutting curly hair, we invite you to discover our cutting course - Learn the Cut. Have access to certified training, expert guidance and support along with your Controlled Chaos Certificate and badge. If you love your curls and you’re not a stylist, you might want to share this intel with your stylist to help them learn the right way to curl curls, resulting in an even more easy-to care for, fabulous shape.

Watch Aleia going through a step-by-step tutorial on how to wash curly hair here: