How to Style Curly Hair Between Washes

Wondering how you can style curly hair between washes?

Forget about shiny diamonds in this humid weather. What you need are hair products that actually work when you want to style your curly hair between washes. The ones that will make your hair frizz FREE, bouncy and healthy as ever.

A perfect example of such a product is the one made by a curly queen at her hair salon, for other beautiful curly queens and kings, Controlled Chaos Hair products are just what your heart (and curls 😉) need. Perfect for a wash day or for you to style your curly hair between washes, there’s a reason why our hero products are best sellers. They’re designed to work on ALL curl types - yours included (ha!).

We’ll tell you EXACTLY how to use the Curl Crème to style curly hair between washes:

ONLY apply it to SOAKING WET hair, (I know what you’re thinking, that it will take longer to dry, yes, BUT you have to trust another curly haired cutie, aka our founder ✌️)

Rake or scrunch the curls together or twist them around your fingers to smooth , and create a curl definition.

DO NOT TOUCH your curls until they are dry! This is the most important part. I know, you just can’t wait to run your fingers through those defined curls, but you have to restrain yourself UNTIL they are completely dry.

And a bonus tip for you curly queens and kings, because we feel generous today and we want you to be THAT CUTIE who GETS IT! If you feel the need to blow dry your curls, you’ll gain volume, but your new, bigger coils will remain frizz-free because of our Curl Creme. Just be sure to soothe those gorgeous babies with a cold air finish at the end of drying. You’re welcome ;) !

That’s it! That’s how you style curly hair between washes. But don’t take our word for it, watch this video to get an idea of how to get the BEST.CURLS.EVER.