Controlled Chaos Curl Transformation: MJ Snyder


If you’re a fan of, or followed the 25th season of the Bachelor reality tv show, you won’t be forgetting the curly-haired blond bombshell with the big, unapologetic personality in a hurry.

Guess who?

Meet MJ Snyder — reality TV star, social media influencer, and curly hair icon!

Born and raised in Hudson, Ohio with her parents and two sisters, MJ Snyder got her degree from Ohio State University, worked in PR in New York, and started a mobile spray tan booth business before finding herself in the spotlight on prime time TV.

You may know MJ for the full head of golden gorgeous curls she carries with confidence and style. But what you may not know is that just like the rest of us curlies, MJ has had her fair share of curly hair struggles.

You may recognize her as the curly-haired blonde bombshell from the 25th season of the Bachelor — but we’ve got our eyes on her as she opens the next chapter. After working as a hair stylist specializing in color and extensions, MJ’s latest mission is helping other curly girls care for their hair.

With a passion for fashion, MJ spent years coloring, heat styling, and straightening her beautiful curls, which left her with some damage & less definition. And like other curlies who have been through this phase, MJ  was looking for anything that would not only give her back her curls like they used to be, but help her get her best curls ever.

But that’s where Controlled Chaos comes in! If you follow MJ on social media, you’ll notice that her curls are looking better than ever. In this post, we’re doing a tell-all of how MJ Snyder transformed her curls with visible results in just 2 weeks so you can get curls like M.J’s in no time!

The MJ Snyder Hair Routine

mj snyder hair

It all starts with Controlled Chaos Hair Cleanser. MJ washes her hair with this elixir no more than once every three days. It gently cleanses without stripping natural oils away from the hair and scalp. Once shampooed, MJ rinses with tepid water before applying our Hair Moisturizer, gently raking and scrunching the product into her hair. She lets the hydrating ingredients soak into her hair for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water. Not only is this step refreshing — it seals the hair cuticle to help lock in moisture!

After she finishes her cleansing & conditioning, MJ applies our one-step Curl Creme to her soaking wet hair to evenly distribute the product. Controlled Chaos Curl Creme moisturizes, gives definition & hold, and fights frizz with results that last for days. Once applied, MJ lets her hair air dry, or uses a diffuser to add volume at the root. Watch MJ’s curls transform from dull, dry, and lifeless to bouncy, shiny, and vibrant — thanks to Controlled Chaos.

Here’s a word-for-word snippet of MJ’s review of the Controlled Chaos Curl Creme:

“You can see it's like really thin. Like in the sense where it doesn't look like it's going to make your hair super heavy or crunchy looking and it's really lightweight. It feels just like a leave-in conditioner but it does not weigh your hair down which is great. You can already see my curls look pretty good.”

Watch the video to see MJ’s curls transform from dull, dry, and lifeless to bouncy, shiny, and vibrant — thanks to Controlled Chaos.

Her new hair business is up and running now — and we can’t wait to see this curly girl grow!

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