The Best Hair in History is Straight—Thanks For Nothing, Hollywood!

Have you noticed that all the notoriously famous people in Hollywood have straight hair?

Think about popular celebrity hairstyles over the past few decades. From the well-known Dorothy Hamill cut in the 70s to Christie Brinkley and Heather Locklear in the 80s to the ever-present Rachel cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston in the 90s…their locks were all straight. As a stylist, you can bet that I had millions of requests for these cuts (no exaggeration! Well, maybe just a little.).


curly hair

It’s true, and yet…at least 60% of the population has some type of natural curl or wave to our hair. So what gives? Where were all the curls?

Well, the first thing to remember is that the hair of these celebs has been styled to death prior to their movie/TV/photo shoots. You think Jennifer Aniston’s hair looks remotely like that when she wakes up? I’m gonna have to call a big, fat NO on that. So you know what that means…it’s highly probable that a lot of these famous people have some curl lurking underneath all that styling!

That’s right. The 60% rule doesn’t apply to only the non-celebrity population. But if you have curls and you flip through the magazines looking for inspiration, it’s not so easy to find a hair match, is it? You have to hunt for the Shakiras and Taylor Swifts of the celeb world. And even then, their curls are often straightened or loosened/smoothed out, which makes it tough to tell what they look like naturally. Le sigh.

Thankfully, thankfully, curls are finally becoming popular! And not just overdone heat-styled curls that aren’t real. Pure, natural curls that are allowed to bounce freely—just the way Mother Nature grew them.

We’re already seeing a natural hair revolution in the making, and I think that within the next few years, more and more people—curly guys and gals alike—will be encouraged to flaunt what nature gave them. Controlled Chaos’s line of curl care and products can help the curlies of the world do just that. And that includes the celebrity population!

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