This was me at age the time, this would have passed as a good hair day for me. 
 Back in the 80s when I was in High School kids were brutal (I'm experienced, not old ;) I was teased mercilessly and called brillo pad, or asked if I stuck a fork in an outlet. 
 I developed such a complex about my hair I decided to become a hair stylist just to figure out how to deal with my curls. Cosmetology school however didn't teach me anything about curls... that I had to learn on my own. 
After years behind the chair I opened my salon, Head Games Salon which quickly developed a reputation as the go to salon for curly girls in our home town of Portland Maine and beyond. We served guests from as far away as NYC.

After years of working with every curly product on the market I got sick of telling my clients that they had to choose between crispy, crunchy curls or oily greasy curls... so I set to work creating my own. 

 To test each formula I would turn on my shower, get it nice and steamy and conduct what I called "The Shower Test." I would apply the product, get in the shower with my stop watch and see how long it took for my hair to frizz. 

 After dozens of formulas I finally found the perfect combination.... soft, touchable, bouncy curls that don't frizz. 

 This formula landed us a spot on ABC's Shark Tank and into the homes of thousands of curly's just like you. 

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