How To Cut Curly Bangs At Home

Hey curl friends! How are you holding up with being holed up? First of all, remember: you’re doing the right thing! We’re all in this together. And after all: Distance makes the heart grow fonder -- and, ahem, unfortunately -- the bangs grow longer! We are here to help with some tips for how to cut curly bangs at home.

If you’ve got fringe and are anything like me, you’re probably missing your every-2-weeks bang trim! Reminder: 9 times out of 10, your “I’m cutting my own hair” adventure will likely turn out to be a “D.I. WHY THE F Did I Do This” moment. But don’t worry. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Best part? I’m here to guide you. If you just can’t stand it anymore (and can no longer clearly see your Netflix screen behind the overgrowth of curly bang bounty) then please read on!

Ok, before we get scissor happy, let me gently remind you: this trim should be a ONE TIME ONLY deal. I support and empower your independence, and I know you all want to learn how to cut curly bangs at home, but there are certain things in life that just need to be left to the trained professional. This includes cutting your own hair. Unless you’re into that uneven-janky-mullet look...then no judgement.

Good thing you’ve got a profesh like me to let you in on some tricks of the trade. Listen up:

Reality Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Ok, I love you, but let’s get really real: do you even look good with bangs? Before you start sharpening your scissors, try pinning the front of your hair up with a clip or bobby pins to create a test-run bang look. Are you losing volume? Will this be flattering to your face shape? Are you teetering on the cusp of looking like something from the fungi family? It’s important to keep in mind: once you start snipping, there’s no turning back! Giving yourself a great consultation is the first step in learning how to cut bangs for curly hair at home.

Wetter Is Not Better

Normally I will only cut WET hair. However, with curly bangs, it is easier to achieve your desired results by cutting hair totally dry. Start by sectioning off the curls you want to trim in front of your face. Depending on your hair texture and thickness, you will want to leave the hair ¼ of an inch LONGER than the length you actually want it to be (understanding the hair will spring up when it is wet and dried again!) 

Attention: Tension!

Do NOT pull your hair down before you cut it! We don’t really want tension anywhere in life (unless it’s sexual -- ow, ow!) and especially when cutting your own curls, leave them in their natural curly state. Then separate curls if they are clumped together. This is not going to be a one-fell-swoop-snip! Again, unless you’re going for that crazy-curl-lady look. Then, again, no judgement. 

Use Good Scissors, Sisters

This is a big one. Do NOT grab your rusty, gigantic, could-cut-a-two-by-four-in-half scissors. Make the affordable investment in a good pair of shears from your local beauty supply store. Believe me, this step is worth the effort. We’ve all seen those nightmarish D.I.Y. haircut tutorials where the poor thing hacks all her goods clean off with kitchen scissors thick enough to cut a T-bone. You don’t have to be a cautionary tale! 

Here We Go!

Ready? Let’s do this. Start with the curl in the middle of your face. Cut at a slight angle, not straight across. This should be the shortest cut. Moving outward toward your cheek bones, continue cutting, leaving each piece slightly longer. Also, don’t forget to breathe, be gentle and take your time. These are your precious curls we’re dealing with after all! 

Shrinkage Is Legit

Can’t say this enough: even though you’re cutting dry hair, IT WILL SHRINK. It’s totally ok if your curls are still in your eyes at this point. They will shrink and become shorter. You can always go back and trim again. But just like we learned in Barbie beauty school, once you’ve made the initial cut, you ain’t coming back from it. Be mindful with your snips!

Lights, Camera, Selfie

So there you have it! It doesn’t have to be curly science. Just follow my lead and soon enough you’ll be the curl inspiration for the next babe pondering that age old question: “should I cut my bangs?” The answer is: totally. Just D.I.R. (do it RIGHT!) 

Now that you know how to cut curly bangs at home. Thanks for listening and now that you can see clearly again, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my next tutorial. Much curly love to you all!

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