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Anti-Static Bamboo Hair Pick - Detangler & Styling Comb

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Unlock the secret to effortlessly gorgeous and perfect looking curls with our Bamboo Hair pick. This sustainable bamboo pick is gentle, anti-static and perfect for detangling and styling your beautiful curls.

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Why Is It Special?

Experience the ultimate convenience with our 2 in 1 hair pick. It's a game changer for your curls; it's our guarantee. Here's why it's special:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable:¬†Our Bamboo Hair Pick is not only perfect for your curls but also environmentally conscious. Say goodbye to inferior plastic substitutes and embrace a more environmentally conscious option.

  • Large and gentle:¬†Bamboo Hair Pick treats your curls carefully with dimensions 20% larger than inexpensive plastic picks. Free from harmful chemicals, its design prioritizes the well-being of your curls, ensuring their optimal health.

What It Does?

Our unique Bamboo Hair Pick detangling comb is crafted from durable bamboo with long stems, which makes it a versatile tool to fulfill your hair care needs. Here's what it does:

  • Knot Buster:

    Are you having stubborn knots in your hair? Our Bamboo Hair Pick is strong enough to tackle those knots, providing a hassle-free detangling experience. 
  • Versatile styling:

    Whether your curls are wet or dry, you can effortlessly detangle or style them for added volume. 
  • Beard-friendly:

    This pick can also be used as a beard detangler for men and helps detangle stubborn hair.

Care for your Curls 

Quit those damaging plastic or metal picks and choose our curly hair detangler. Here’s how it cares for your curls: 

Anti-Static and Frizz-Free: Our Bamboo Hair Pick is anti-static and keeps frizz away. It glides through your curls smoothly without causing pulling or snagging, making your hair look sleek and smooth. 

Scalp massage: It’s a perfect tool for scalp massage and keeps your curls healthy. 

Love your Curls 

At Controlled Chaos, we want you to celebrate the beauty of those natural locks and feel proud of them. Healthy curls never go out of style, and here's how our bamboo hair pick helps you embrace those natural locks: 

  • Well-polished and Smooth texture:

    Our Bamboo Hair Pick is well-polished and smooth, ensuring that your skin will remain protected while using it. 
  • Root lift:

    Our Bamboo Hair Pick lifts hair from the root, creating big, voluminous locks. 

Wonderful Design & Packaging 

Our Bamboo Hair Pick is a fantastic gift for curly heads of all ages, including men, women and kids. Here's why it's a must-have product: 

Travel-friendly: Its compact size makes it travel-friendly, ensuring you can take it anywhere. 

Secure grip: The handle provides a convenient grip and does not slip off the hand while detangling or styling the hair.

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